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    Become an LRA Register Approved Legionella Risk Assessor

    Suitable for carrying out Legionella Risk Assessments on Domestic properties in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    AoFAQ Approved Centre Number TPID873

    The LRA Register runs its own Accredited Legionella Risk Assessor Course.

    The course can be completed within 2 to 3 hours and after completion you will be able to lodge your assessments onto the register using our online software. All of your assessments produced using our software are covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

    To join us and become an LRA Register Approved Legionella Risk Assessor please click here and complete our short enquiry form.

    You will also receive your own marketing leaflet to pass to local letting agents and landlords.


    This membership package includes the accredited course, annual certificate, Legionella Risk Assessor ID Card and Business listing

    Use of assessment producing software can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to produce fully insured risk assessments (fair use policy applies).

    You also have access to our private members forum.


    To enquire about the online accredited course please click here

    Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment Requirements more information here

    From the Office for National Statistics : Of the 23.4 million homes (or households) in England and Wales on census day in March 2011, 15 million (64 per cent) were owner occupied and 8.3 million (36 per cent) were rented. full details here

    That is 8.3 million properties which need to have a legionella risk assessment every 2 years.

    At present there are very few people carrying out these assessments. This represents a fantastic business opportunity for you to earn a substantial income by joining The LRA Register list of assessors and offering a legionella risk assessment service for a fair price in your area.

    A typical assessment in a standard 3 bedroom property should take approx 30 minutes.

    Fees being charged for these assessments range from £40 to £165 dependent on property size and location.

    Our online legionella risk assessor course and ongoing updates are included in your annual membership. Once you register with the LRA Register you will be provided with full access to the online training course and report lodgement facility.

    Once you have completed the online training course you will be able to lodge your assessments on the register.

    Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment Requirements

    Landlords must undertake a legionella risk assessment on all domestic rental properties which they own. This is now a requirement.

    We recommend that the assessment is redone/updated every 2 years.

    Just 20 assessments per week would give earnings of £800 per week minimum. With millions of rental properties in the UK and, at present, just a small number of assessors there is a tremendous earning opportunity. We have assessors who are currently processing up to 40 assessments per week with prices around £60 per assessment.



    Members Feedback

    What our members have to say.



    "The Service has been first class when I ever needed help I could contact Martin and the information I needed would be there, the lodgement and photos software is very good."



    "Very quick process from start to finish. Easy to submit assessment and pass on to appropriate clients. Would recommend LRA Register to anyone branching out into the Legionella Sector.


    Elizabeth Naylor

    "Easy to Join - Easy system to use"


    Ben Grimshaw

    I found the course to be well explained, easy to follow and it took me less than 3 hours to complete. The assessment producing software is very easy to use and produces a professional report for the landlord and tenant. Highly Recommended, Thank You!

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    About The LRA Registers

    The LRA Registers are the central registers for the lodgement of Legionella Risk Assessments for domestic properties.

    Assessors/Landlords/Agents wishing to lodge assessments or list their service at this site should enquire about membership here.

    For landlord self assessments please visit www.lraregister.co.uk

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